Chicken mushroom pie

Shihab’s new favorite! As I’m heading into a busier part of my life (starting my intern year tomorrow!) I was looking for fun dishes I can make with some planning. And voila! I made the chicken mushroom filling and pie crust the day before. 

The recipe for filling – I used the proportions of ingredients found here (I like dark meat so used 4 pieces of boneless skinless thighs) and instructions from here. I think the second recipe saves more of chicken drippings. 

The pie crust recipe can be found here. Instead of a pastry cutter you can use food processor (pulsed a few times to break up the butter). I also substituted butter for shortening and it was great!

Next day assembled these parts!

Fun times with the pie decorating. Shihab finished his last shift as an intern yesterday! 

Baked for 35 min on 425 F. 

Have fun!


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