Chocolate cake with truffles

For my husband’s first birthday since our wedding, I made a chocolate cake decorated with truffles yesterday.

I started off by making truffles using Martha Stewart’s recipe.  I recommend super fine chop for the chocolate.  Also, instead of just boiling the cream, I ended up setting up a bain marie (simmering water underneath a steel bowl with chocolates) to melt the chocolate.  I set the smoothed mixture to cool for 15 minutes before moving it onto an 8-inch plate with raised sides and putting it in the fridge.

While this cooled, I started on this chocolate cake recipe by Annalise.  Really the key and secret ingredient to a moist and soft cake is sour cream!  It was a good recipe, easy enough.

While the cake baked, I used Martha Stewart’s recipe for milk chocolate frosting, because my husband’s such a big fan of milk chocolate.  There was some worry about the frosting in Annalise’s recipe being too runny, so I opted for the more buttercream-like consistency of Martha Stewart’s recipe.

Once the frosting was cooling, I took out the truffle mix and shaped them into rounds.

Finally, I assembled the cake by cutting each cake by half into thinner rounds so I could have more cream:cake ratio.  I will make 25% more frosting next time! 🙂

The next time I make this recipe, I will cut the cake before cooling.  I ran into a problem with uneven sides… I’m not sure what I can do differently next time, but the cake was delicious nonetheless!


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