Christmas Meal – Prime Rib w Yorkshire Pudding

Our 2 lb prime rib fed the two of us for 2 meals.  🙂

Shihab scored the meat on all four sides, peppered and salted, and then stood it up in an aluminum tray for 15 minutes at 450F then reduced temp to 350F for 10 min/lb.  Internal temp of 125F is the goal!  Let the meat rest up to an hour covered in foil.  So we completed this roast before moving onto the yorkshire pudding.

For the yorkshire pudding, I used the NYT recipe.  I think I should’ve listened to the first comment on the website – that it does not need nearly as many eggs.  I was worried about the final product because the oil was definitely not hot enough (didn’t have that sizzle when the batter hit the muffin tin) but the final product was okay!  I used canola oil and I think I needed 5 more minutes of heating in the oven before the batter hit.

For our appetizer, this is Camembert stuffed dates wrapped in prosciutto.  So easy and yummy. 🙂


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